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Caragan Peashrub
Caragana arborescens or siberian peashrub is a deciduous shrub that provides a dense windbreak cover or screen where growing conditions are otherwise difficult and yeilds beautiful yellow flowers durning the spring and summer.

Caragana is an erect, oval, shrub, often taller than broad with moderate, sparse branches. It can also be grown as a tree as branches may be so erected as to create a fastigiate appearance. The peashrub is cold and drought tolerant. Plant 4-6' apart for a hedge. Shipped bareroot and priced in lots of 25 seedlings.

Ships: Spring Only
Offered: As listed on order form
25 premium grade seedlings 1 to 2 foot for - $59.95

Planting Zones: 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7
Plant Type: Deciduous
Light requirements: Full Sun
Soil Conditions: Well Drained
Height at Maturity: 10 - 15 ft
Growth Rate: Fast
Fruiting: Yes
Flowering: Yes
Bloom Color: Yellow
Fragrant: No
Bloom Season: Spring, Summer

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