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Tree Protectors and Shelters
As their names indicate, tree protectors and tree shelters are designed to protect and shelter trees. They are supposed to protect trees from deer browse and rub, rodents, wind, drought, winter crack, sun scald, mowers, weed eaters, herbicides, and more.  Numerous independent researchers have published reports proving that Tree Pro tree protectors and Miracle Tube tree shelters are superior to all others in improving tree survival and growth rate. 
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Why invest all that effort in planting trees and not give them the best start possible?
  Weed Mats
Weed Pro Weed Mats are the safest, surest way to eliminate weeds from around the tree. Weeds compete for nutrients and water with the tree. That's why it's vital they be eliminated. Weed Pro last three to five years, making them the best value.
Weed Pro weed mats are non-permeable. Therefore, moisture in the soil cannot evaporate through Weed Pro weed mats. That means the soil remains moist long after a rainfall. Permeable fabric mats work well in allowing water to soak in, but after a couple days without rain, the soil beneath fabric mats tends to dry out. Product Details in "Online Product Info"
As a result, the permeable type of weed mat deprives trees of moisture just when they need it most.
Control Released Fertilizer

Nutri Pak places exactly the right amount of fertilizer mix in the root zone where the tree can absorb it. When fertilizer is broadcast around trees, there's no way to know how much of it reaches the trees' roots. Using Nutri Pak solves this problem because it's placed in the hole alongside the tree's roots. It comes in a plastic package with micro-pores that allow the fertilizer is dissolved over time by water vapor entering the package through these micro-pores. Product Details in "Online Product Info". Best of all, no burning the roots, it doesn't contaminate ground water and requires no measuring, mixing or clean-up.

  Mycorrhizal Inoculants
Mycorrhizal fungi are essential to the health of all plants. They form a symbiotic (mutually beneficial) association with the roots of the plant or tree. They act as an extension of the plant's root system by increasing their absorption of water and nutrients.
REDUCES REPLANTING STRESS By enabling the tree to absorb more nutrients and water, root mass increases. The tree's resistance to soil-borne disease increases.  Root Dip also contain a unique combination of biostimulants and root-growth promoting ingredients to provide optimal growth and performance of plants and trees.
There are two formulations available: 
ROOT DIP UNIVERSAL  for all tree and plant species. 
ROOT DIP PT used on the following plants:Spruce Hemlock Fir Linden Birch Hickory Oak Pecan Beech Pine Chestnut Alder Arborvitae Poplar Madrone Willow Larch  Product Details in "Online Product Info"

Soil Decompaction
The ionic nature of soil and the polarized molecular structure of water result in very strongly bonded water in the soil. This is especially true in soils that are composed mostly of clay. Adding Soft Soil -- and only a little bit goes a long way -- and tilling can deliver some amazing results. Product Details in "Online Product Info"
  Support Stakes
STAKES   We offer two types - Treated Pine and Bamboo and don't buy more stake than you need! For 90% of planting applications the stakes needed for our protectors are the same size as the protector, except for the 24" units and shorter.
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