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Tree Pro 72"
Tree Pro's philosophy is to provide the best products at the lowest possible prices. The ultimate value of products such as ours can be measured by the time and money they save you.
Survival is number one in the tree planter's hierarchy of goals. However, some planters still think keeping planting costs as low as possible is more important. Many have since learned through costly replanting efforts that keeping trees alive and thriving is the most important goal.
The true per unit cost of planting trees is NOT found by dividing total costs by the total number of trees planted; it's found by dividing costs by the total number of trees that survive and are healthy.
If the coin of the realm is "Tree Health," then one side is SURVIVAL and the other side is GROWTH.  A tree (or plant) that isn't healthy, won't grow and ultimately will not survive. It therefore makes good sense to plan from the very beginning to do the job properly. If you do, even though your initial expenses may be slightly more, in the long run, they'll be less.


Optimizing plant growth requires balancing protection criteria with design attributes that produce acceptable levels of sunlight and air circulation while minimizing the detrimental effects of excessive heat retention. The fact that only TREE PRO has managed to achieve this balance is proof of the difficulty of developing a balanced protector.
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