Vine Pro


Vine Pro  Vineyard Protectors             

Tree Pro , North Americas oldest manufacture of plant protectors introduces Vine Pro  Vineyard Protectors.  Vine Pro  is constructed with the same care to detail as with all our products over the past 22+ years. Vine Pro  features:  


  1. Reusable with UV of 5+ Years
  2. Larger 4” Diameter and Vented
  3. Stronger Single Piece Construction
  4. Slit Tube Design for Quick Installation 
  5. Reusable Zip Ties for Stake or Cordon Wire 
  6. Made in USA from 100% Recycled Milk Jugs

Tree Pro  is introducing a new pricing concept “ONE LEVEL WHOLESALE PRICING” for Vine Pro .    This offers Vineyards pricing reserved for dealers.  


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This offers Vineyards pricing reserved for dealers.         
One Level Wholesale Pricing 100+ units   
  15”     18”    24”    30”    36”     48”      60”
$.35      .40   .52     .64    .76    1.30    1.50
Prices offered until December 30th. 

The Research!  Tree Pro  protectors has outperformed competitors in growth and survival in independent studies.  Just two examples:  In a Study done by the Maryland Department of Natural Resources, Miracle Tube out grew the Competitors by an average of 16 inches, and more than twice as tall as unsheltered seedlings. They recommend using Miracle Tube to significantly increase height and diameter of seedlings. In a study of Red and White Oak by The Pennsylvania Bureau of Forestry, Tree Pro out grew the competition by approximately 45 centimeters and had higher survival rates.

Maryland Forestry Dept
PA Forestry Dept

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